76+ FabBrix toys available for E-Commerce partners

In January 2021, we, the BuildIn3D platform, formed a partnership with the owners of the FabBrix toys brand to visualize 3D models and building instructions for all the brand products. We’ve already built 76 models and building instructions. You can see them live at the fabbrixtoys.com site. https://www.fabbrixtoys.com/birds-3in shows three of them. Easy visualization of […]

Keep the users for 30 seconds longer on your E-commerce product page

Here is our offer – we are going to keep the users for 30 seconds more on your product page and they will find it fun and entertaining. Today we put the offer like this as we had to explain and answer the question “Why should we put 3D on our eCommerce store?”. The truth […]

Integrating BuildIn3D with WooCommerce stores

It is now possible to integrate BuildIn3D with WooCommerce stores. The goal of the integration is to allow WooCommerce users to show animated and interactive 3D models and building instructions along with the pictures for the products they sell. The plugin is available from the WordPress plugins repo at “BuildIn3D for WooCommerce” Here is how […]

Support for all FabBRIX products at BuildIn3D

Today we formed a partnership with the FabBRIX brand. It is a “New 100% biodegradable construction toy, FabBRIX adds to the pleasure of playing the satisfaction of an eco-responsible purchase.” A few weeks back we saw FabBRIX, thought it was one of the coolest brands we’ve seen lately and tried to build a couple of […]

What is the added value of 3D for your eCommerce site?

You are running an eCommerce site and you want to increase sales. You think 3D might be the option. Making the products interactive and animated and visualizing the 3D would make the website more engaging to the user but would it increase sales? The question that we often get asked is: What’s the value of […]

The data behind building LEGO – Gyro-Like Mechanism Example

[3D assembly Instructions Statistics] One of the authors at fllcasts.com created this really nice Gyro-Like free moving mechanism. Let’s see what we could learn about LEGO builders from the statistics of this mechanism Gyro-like free moving mechanism with LEGO Spike parts What does the data show? Some people watch the animation for 8 minutes These […]

3D models and building instructions could be animated – demo 1

We wanted to share a recent demo for a Plus-Plus model and how they could be animated. The animations are on the last step of the 3D assembly instruction and show how a Whipping Top (build with Plus-Plus or Plus-Plus BIG parts) rotates. With a little bit of animations that most 3D artists could prepared […]

A 3D assembly instruction that is 100 times less expensive in traffic than a picture?

Today we broke the internet.. we generated a 3D assembly instruction for the FabBRIX brand. These are wooden toys that are “LEGO Compatible”. They have common parts although some parts are different. The instruction is: FabBRIX JUNGLE LIFE – Gorilla We created a full fledged 3D assembly instruction that requires only 7.76KB in traffic compare […]