It is easy to create assembly instructions!

We can develop the instructions for you or you could develop them yourself. The instructions could be enhanced with rendered animations, rendered videos, interactions and pictures and could be exported for 3D, series of images, PDFs, Videos and VR/AR.  

Option 1 – We prepare them for you

Get in touch with us and our team of engineers will prepare the instructions for you from practically any source that you have – image, video, PDF, 3D models. 

From PDF

From black and white, paper based PDF instructions to engaging and animated 3D building instructions on your website Learn more


From Images

In many case you might have a series of images as an instruction. Given the geometry we can turn them into animated and interactive 3D building instructions. Learn more


From 3D model

You proved us with the 3D model and we build the instruction. Learn more

Option 2 – Prepare them yourself for FREE

Creating the instructions is easy with different free, open source and commercial software products. We support files like STEP for general purpose geometry and LDR for brands like LEGO and VEX. Uploading the instructions is FREE and you can create as much as you want. 


Use SOLIDWORKS to prepare 3D assembly instructions. Learn more


From through LDR for LEGO

Use to prepare 3D assembly instructions for LEGO sets. Learn more

How to start?

Sign up and upload your instructions. STEP (.stp), LDraw (.ldr) and (.io) files are built automatically. For the rest of the files get in touch with us.

Sign up and upload Contact us