3D models and building instructions for your Brand!

We can develop and visualize the 3D models, assembly instructions, LIVE 3D and rendered animations, rendered videos and pictures for your products to engage users with your Brand on your site, the sites of E-commerce partners and of course social networks. Do you like what you see below? Get in touch with us and we can build it for your product!

From black and white, paper based PDF instructions in the set to engaging and animated 3D building instructions on your website

User interaction and engagement

Users interact and engage with the models and building instructions. They rotate, zoom and play with them. When there are animations they could watch them many times.

E-commerce ready

All the instructions are E-commerce ready and your partners could subscribe to BuildIn3D and start visualizing your 3D models and building instructions to increase the sales of your brand. See more on the Integrations page.

User satisfaction

Following 3D building instructions is easy. No more frustrated users. Fewer returns and better satisfaction. It’s enough for the user to search on the internet and visit your brand website to get the instructions. 

QR Codes

Get a QR code and print it on the cover of your product box or inside in the manuals. Users scan the QR code and arrive on your website to follow the instructions for the specific product.

All assembly instructions on Your Site

All instructions for all your products are right there on the website of your Brand. The users return to your website. They are not directed to third party apps or platforms. They visit your website where they could also see what are the new products you’ve just released or new events you are organizing. 

Save the environment by using less paper

No need of all this paper. All the building instructions are on the web.

Update the instructions even after the product is shipped

With paper based instructions once you ship the product there is no way you could update the instructions and make it easier for the user. On the other hand when the building instructions are on your website you can change them often. You can change the instructions for example to a “christmas” or “halloween” theme as we often do.

We build the instructions for you and you save on costs

We are working with a lot of authors on our platforms. We would help you create the instructions and visualize them on your website through the BuildIn3D platform. 

Cheaper than Video and phone App

You can record a video with instructions. This could be quite expensive as for every product you should record a new video. The video requires lighting, equipment, setup, studio, audio, editing and many more. It is also a huge file – sometimes 100 of times larger than the 3D model and building instructions and it is not in any way interactive. Users can not rotate and see the model from the other side when they are watching a video.

Augmented reality ready

Mass augmented reality for all products is not that far. You would already have all the models in 3D and on the internet and once the augmented reality technology is popular enough your brand will be the first to have all the products in AR.

Indexed by search engines.

The instructions are not buried inside yours or any third party app. They are right there on your website and when users search for “BRAND building instructions” they will arrive on your website –  which is exactly what you need them to do to engage with them.

Bill of Materials

For each product you would get an automatic Bill of Materials. Users get to see if they have all the parts that are required for assembling the product.

Price based on the number of parts

The pricing for developing 3D models & building instructions for your brand products is based on the complexity of these products. They could be 10 parts or 100 parts. They could be with an easy geometry or more challenging geometry. The price is generally

$Y(fixed) + $X * [number of parts].

IP protection

To build 3D models and building instructions for your products we must have the geometry of the parts. You can send us source 3D files (like Solidworks) from which to build the instructions that would be visualized on the platform. The IP of the geometry and the source files stays with the owner of this IP as described per our Terms of Service. When needed we can sign an additional NDA and we make sure all communication and files exchanged while preparing the instructions are protect.

Custom Extension for your use case

You 3D models and instructions could have additional features specifically for your business case  – like integrating with your platform, ERP, CMS, LMS or like a special editor where users could move the parts of the model and create new models. We call these functionalities – “Extensions”. We can develop a custom extension for your platform and your use case. 

Easy option 2 – prepare them yourself

Creating the instructions is as easy as creating a folder in the SolidWorks Feature Manager. When you want to start a new step in the instruction create an empty folder called “IS-STEP”. Everything between this folder and the next “IS-STEP” folder is considered a single step of the instructions. Download this example file to try it.